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Pickup Instructions

NorCon has created a new Pickup Request Form to assist you in your shipping needs. The form has two pages for use with large shipments. You may print this form and make copies for future shipments.

Fill Out The Pickup Request Form

  • Write neatly; if we can’t read it, we will send it back.
  • Cubic feet is critical; if it is wrong we may send the wrong-sized truck
  • Cubic Feet = Length x Width x Height
  • If you do not know the cubic feet, send the Length, Width & Height in inches of the largest box. 
  • Please provide the total number of cartons, cubic feet, and weight per purchase order.
  • Leave a space before filling in the next shipment.

Submit Your Request

  • NorCon does not do same-day pickups for Nordstrom
  • You must obtain a pickup number by 3 pm EST.
  • For pickup on Tuesday, contact NorCon by 2p.m EST. Monday.
  • For pickup on Monday, contact NorCon by 2 pm EST. Friday
  • Volume/Truckloads (over 8 pallets/10,000lbs) need to be placed 3 full business days in advance

Wait To Obtain Your Pickup Number

  • Requests placed during the end of the month may be delayed.
  • If there is a problem with your request, NorCon will contact you. If unreachable, pickup will be rescheduled for the next business day.
  • When faxing in a request, please wait for a return fax for NorCon with a confirmation number.
  • We will provide you with a confirmation number when we have finished your request. This guarantees that we have your order scheduled.

For questions please call, fax or email us at:

Phone: (513) 942-5760
Fax: (513) 942-2798
Email: pickups@norconltd.com

Are Your Forms Filled Out?